a) Subject to changes without notice.

b) Shipping, maneuvers and requested special packaging are not included.

c) To put an article on layaway, a 50% deposit is necessary and it will only be laid away for 15 business days; after such time, the article will be released and the deposit will remain as credit balance. Quotations are valid for 5 calendar days.

d) When making a deposit, it is essential to send the voucher by e-mail to the salesperson who assisted you; include the quotation number and your client code, if any.

a) The costumer is responsible for requesting an invoice at the moment of their purchase. Invoices can only be issued within the first 5 business days after the purchase, with the exception of the last week of each month. The costumer must make sure that their invoicing information is correct, for once the invoice cannot be reissued.

a) Our furniture and decorative items do not include accessories such as glass panes, candles, light bulbs, cushions, etc; except when these are specified in the price tag.

b) Our products are unique and/or handmade; thus, a slight variation in color or texture among them is to be expected.

c) For products that are to be produced, a 70% down payment is necessary for them to be sent to production.

a) Orders not collected within 15 days will be subject to a monthly storage fee of 5% of their total value.

a) Confirmed and fully or partially paid orders will only be reimbursed in kind or with a credit note.

b) No returns can be made after a month of the purchase. Returns of closeouts or specific items -such as cushions, candles, fabrics, rugs, pottery or glass-, are not accepted. Returns of specially produced articles, semi annual sales or previously marked items are not accepted. Returns of artwork from the NAMUH GALERÍA art gallery are not accepted.

c) Returns of APOTEKA products are not accepted.

d) Credit balance after a return is only valid for 6 months.

a) Exceptionally, the moving of products for exhibition may be authorized, only with a credit card or cash payment guarantee for the total value of the products. If no such payment methods are available, a promissory note for the total amount will be signed.

b) Five days will be granted for confirmation for states close to Guanajuato and Mexico City, and 15 days will be granted for any other state in the country.

c) If the products are damaged, the costumer must pay for its repair or the full cost of the product if such were the case.

d) If, after such period, the products were not returned in time, the guarantee payment will not be reimbursed even if the products are returned, and such amount will turn into credit balance for future purchases. The costumer will pay any shipping fees for such products.

a) Refunds are exceptional situations and each case will be analyzed.

B) If a refund is requested and the payment was made with either credit or debit card, NAMUH will not absorb the corresponding commissions and they will be subtracted from the refund amount.
a) If the costumer requests that the products are shipped to their address, NAMUH will request quotes from several independent carriers and inform the client about such options, as well as help with the coordination of the shipment. It is hereby understood that NAMUH is not to be held responsible for damages or theft during shipment, and that the costumer must hire a shipping services with an insurance that covers the products. Otherwise, such responsibility will completely fall upon the costumer.

b) Shipments are quoted based on ground floor delivery. If the delivery is not to be made to the ground floor, the costumer must provide the appropriate staff to carry the purchased goods up to the desired floor. Requesting such staff will have an extra cost.

a) If any special installation is required, this will be made when the last shipment of the order is delivered.