One of the main characteristics of Namuh Studio is the predominance of solid and precise shapes which highlight the temperament of the materials we use and place the pieces above their purpose and at the level of an object for contemplation. These shapes subtly evoke other epochs and faraway times thanks to a type of design that is not vintage nor contemporary, but only timeless, transcultural and cosmopolitan.

The studio’s philosophy may be summarized as a “purification of the excessive”, and this skillfully and masterfully captured in the manufacturing. Among its artwork, the choosing of materials which, at first sight, may seem eclectic or risky, stands out, always with harmonious, full-of-character results. In this sense, Namuh Studio follows the steps of the house that gave it its origin: handcrafted, disruptive, with elements well chosen piece by piece, and a great attention to detail. Such virtues set Namuh Studio’s production apart from contemporary tendencies which are easily reproduced and are thus destined to become conventional or outworn as years go by.

The timelessness of Namuh Studio is guaranteed by a creative labor which brings down the barrier between art and design, as is well-reflected by its awards and outstanding participation in highly regarded events in places like Madrid, Dallas, Singapore and Paris.




Namuh Studio nace en San Miguel de Allende a principios de 2014 bajo la dirección del diseñador industrial Luis Luna, ante la necesidad de crear y traer al mundo productos mexicanos de alta calidad, con un valor artesanal incuestionable.

El estilo de esta joven firma creativa es predominantemente minimalista, sin caer, nunca, en una frialdad abstracta o en el artificio puramente conceptual. Por el contrario, se trata de una expresión propia, cálida y humana.

Namuh studio