Personal Data Protection Notice


The following Points of Data Protection lay down the way in which NAMUH and its direct and indirect subsidiaries will collect, use, store, share, transmit, dispose of or in any other way handle (collectively “handle/handling”) your personal data.
Personal data is defined as any information regarding any identified or unidentifiable natural person. The standard on data protection hereby established will be used by NAMUH worldwide, providing an adequate and consistent protection for the handling of your personal data. Under these Principles, the terms “you” and “your” refer to any natural person that is a client or employee of NAMUH, and to any other natural person whose personal data we handle; and “we” and “our” refer to NAMUH.

1. Collection:

We will only collect personal data, through legal and fair means, that are necessary.

2. Notification and Handling:

When it is not made evident by the type of products or services that you require, o by the nature of your relationship with us, we will inform how your personal data will be handled, and which companies inside NAMUH will be responsible for such handling. We will handle your personal data in a fair manner, and only for the purposes that are informed to you, for the purposes you authorize or as allowed by the applicable law. Additionally, you will be able to oppose certain kinds of handling, according to the explicitly allowed by the applicable law.

3. Choice

    We grant our customers the option of including or eliminating their personal data in the lists used for advertisement or marketing purposes, in accordance with the applicable law. This does not include the offers of products or services of NAMUH nor the ones carried out with our business partners. Of course, our customers will continue to receive information about the products or services provided by our business.

    4. Data Quality

    We use appropriate technology and well-defined practices among our employees to handle your personal data with promptness and precision. We will not keep your personal data longer than necessary, unless required by the applicable law.

    5. Safety and Confidentiality:

    We will store your personal data confidentially and limit the access to it for people who need them to carry out their business activities, with the exception of the allowed by the applicable law. We will adhere to the industry standards and use managerial safety measures, both technically and physically, in a reasonable manner to protect your personal data from access by unauthorized people, destruction, use, modification or disclosure. We demand that third parties authorized by us apply the industry standard data safety measures for the handling of your information on our behalf.

    6. Data Communication:

    We only share your personal data with third parties when it is necessary to provide products or services for you as per the nature of your relationship with us, as long as we have informed you about it or you have authorized us to do it. The aforementioned regarding our efforts to reduce the risk of fraud or criminal activity, or as required by law.

    7. Opening and Access to the Data:

    At your request, we will provide you with information on how your personal data will be handled, as well as on the rights and actions you are entitled to in virtue of these points. You will be able to request information on the nature of the personal data regarding yourself stored and handled by NAMUH.

    We will grant you access to them in the most appropriate manner possible including information on their location, as well as their handling and storage. If any of your data were incorrect or incomplete, you may request their modification.

    8. Responsibility:

    NAMUH S.A. DE C.V. and its employees will be permitted to handle your personal data only in accordance with these points. We provide training and carry out compliance audits regarding these points. The employees who violate these pints will be subject to disciplinary actions, which may include termination. Employees are expected to denounce any violation to these points either to their superiors, to the compliance officer at their business unit or to the legal department of the company.

    9. Enforceability:

    You can demand the compliance with these Principle in your country before any NAMUH that is responsible for your personal data, as a third party legal beneficiary of these points. If you have any complaints regarding our compliance to these Principles and have tried, in good faith, to solve your complaint through our customer services process, but we have not resolved it within a reasonable period of time, you may request a resolution by the the legal department of the company. If you make a complaint before your local data protection authority and such authority considers that we have violated any of these points, we will comply with any decisions of such data protection authority, but will reserve the right to contest or appeal such decisions. The points above described do not affect any right you may have by virtue of the applicable law, demands from any competent data protection regulatory authority or any other kind of agreement that you may have with us.

    These points serve to strengthen our commitment to protect your personal data. In turn, these are binding for all NAMUH branch offices, showing our commitment with the privacy of our customers.

    Date of Last Update: 20/08/19